the urban life has really been crazy these days and if you have been reading my past articles, you would know what kinds of nature a.k.a. rural places i like - farms and beaches. if you haven't noticed, everybody has been falling in love with traveling today. they travel here, there, and everywhere they wanna go because they want to enjoy life. with which is a fantastic thing that we should all, i personally believe, do. but what made it harder to travel was the baggages that we had to carry on with us. or is it just me? (i doubt! HAHAHA!) 



here is an ultra short guideline i made for my spontaneous escape baggage!

welcome aboard, loves!



i've tried using these realtechniques brushes which are pretty cool because, they have the 2-in-1 case + stand like omg?! the case is very convenient for any traveller who wants to save space. and again, who doesn't want to save space? because it is so good, this set has become one of my travel essentials already.

check out luxola for more details.

click here for the exact brushes seen on the photos.

what a girl wants:

comfort, fashion, & sass.

or at least those are what i want. HAHAHA! have you guys heard about the luxe nomad before? it's sorta like a travel agency where you can book villas and places to stay. i might give this company a try for our family's next outing!

here are just some of the good villas that caught my attention: 1, 2, 3.

check out tln for more details!

bonus: 15% off on ALL your first orders made w/in one month starting today using discount code:

BLX-VINTAGE  at checkout. 

 this offer is not valid on non-discountable brands.

this post is in partnership with luxola, a company and brand that i trust and love.






as soon as i heard that we were going to the farm, i was stoked. stoked not only because we were going to one of the places where i belong (if you've been following me you'd know that i'm more of a rural girl rather than the urban. i love beaches and farms too much!), but also for the fact that i can finally use my red stripes jumper w/o any embarrassment in mind. i don't know for you, but the thought of jumpers - aside from denims, of course! denims are 5ever baes - related with babies got stuck in my fashion mentality for a while as a consequence of my dad's opinion. he told me "you look like a baby with that" (in chinese tho HAHAHA!) the first time i tried this on. nevertheless, after months of not giving any attention to this wardrobe staple, i finally got the chance and took the courage to wear it. thence, this one deserves a worn segment, i said.



and what better shoes than converse when going on an adventure, right? 

i know i've been wearing this cap and sunglasses way too often already. but that's just because they are love to me! i don't know they just seem to...connect with me every single time? hahaha! and who said you can't repeat an accessory or even an outfit again and again and again? (werk it, gurl!)



too much fun and happiness with this 28-yr-old junk food errrr...horse! (his name is tomi. tomi = fave childhood junk food, remember that?)





i was in doubt of wearing this outfit at first. but it turned out quite well! people told me how nice my outfit was and how good i carried it. nevertheless, what matters most is that i felt comfortable and confident in it. and perhaps that is how we should wear our clothes. so do you still have that one piece inside your closet that you never used? hmmm...maybe it's time to let the sun shine on it!







so here's a beautiful lady who just turned eighteen last february 9. bel, nic, and I collaborated to trick kimiko into doing this photoshoot which she thought was simply for the blog's fashion segment. but it was more than that. the photoshoot was mainly for her surprise 18th debut! she totally had no idea! *insert evil laugh here*


the funky, sweet, and crazy girl is now a lady. phew! beautiful inside and out - and she doesn't even have to try at all!



 who was your favorite style icon?

definitely miranda sings!


who is your go-to style inspiration?

my blogger friends, pauline (misspaulinevintage, yeah!) and kyna (high heeled hunter!)



what's the one wardrobe essential you can't live without?

undershirts!! hahaha!



when you can't think of anything to wear, what's your go-to outfit?

t-shirts and harem pants

celebrity crush?

anne curtis, syempre!

coffee or tea?

coffee specifically dark mocha

fave tv show?

modern familyyy

heels? or flats?


3 essentials in your bag?

charger, keys and earphones

your must-have accessory?

uhmm..shoes???? LOLOL

give us your best joke!

anong table yung uso dati?????


edi desk-o!!!!


what's the best advice you've ever received?

to love without asking for anything in return


one fact your readers must know:

i am not japanese (despite my name) hahahaha!

fashion motto:

comfort over style (by one of my fave inspirations misspaulinevintage!!) hahahaha!


1 Peter 3:3, "Your adornment must not be merely external -- braiding the hair, and wearing gold jewellery, or putting on dresses; but let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God."


and her reaction to the surprise birthday party, you ask? nr - no reaction. hahaha she was overjoyed that all her usual crazy reactions were gone. kimiko was definitely speechless that night. and we all just laughed and cried our butts out!

ps: love you, sissums!

| thank you, belrica ma, nichole chua, and kimiko sy for making this series possible. |




well the weather was pretty cold when i woke up today. and this only means one (or a couple, actually) things - oversized sweaters, hot chocolates (coffee for today tho), big eyeglasses, and fuzzy socks!

worn / sweater, h&m. leggings, hk. socks, target



pink christmas


Christmas is just around the corner and i cannot wait any longer (!!!AGHHH!!!) i really can't. really, really can't. how i wish that this fave season of mine (or ours because everyone loves Christmas! even the grinch loved Christmas in the end hahaha!) and just a small reminder for everyone to just enjoy and make the most out of what you have everyday. be a happy person, because you choose to be one. share the love to the people around you. make your loved ones - even the unlovable because they may actually need it the most - smile. after all, that's what matters most.



to the best sister in the world, thanks again for the best laptop case ever!! i can't love it less! but i love you more, of course! 


ho ho ho! please accept my bubbly santa chocolates (there are chocolates inside)


i wish you the Merriest Christmas with tender loin, i mean tender love and care! *virtual huuuug!*




WORN: casual COOL

HAHAHAHAHHA! i am so embarrassed right now by this...this post with me so huge and big! yet i find it kind of cool too, honestly. this was actually just a photoshoot-for-fun thing that eventually went out beyond privacy now...because i wanted to show you guys how i wear my casual cool outfit. scroll down to see more of my big face and body outfeeeeyt!

i guess i'm more of the casual cool kind of girl and not like the daring ones when it comes to fashion. my 5ever fave fashion will always be white top + maong pants. because, just because, you'd never ever go wrong with that. 

what is your 5ever fave fashion style? let me know in the comments below!x


i went with the red stripes polo top and tied it around my waist for first, a pop of color in a long distance perspective, second, it may get a little handy when it comes to our fluctuating weather, and last but not the least, white red and blue.......white. red. & blue.



i love how the brown oxford flats gave the overall look a vintage feel (i love vintage yes #1ptforme). this outfit is actually one of my faves! it's both very comfy (not even kidding!) and fashionable at the same time. i decided to top it off with a fedora hat for a more finished vintage casual cool look. keep in mind that hats protect our face from those sunshine freckles! so better top off your outfit with one now!


hat, f21. pants, zara. red polo, f21. flats, payless.


ps: happy 1st day of december!🎉



What she wore


Christia Polinag sure is making our rainy days sunny. we had a wonderful time together and i must say that this woman is a natural! she is beautiful inside and out, shining in her own little ways that inspires people like me. tho i must agree that she is mischievous, but also has the word "limit" in her dictionary. i love this, gal. Just by looking at her beautiful smile makes you want to smile too, isn't it? This sistahfromanothahmothah, yes, another one! , is one of the best person that i have ever met. and i am really grateful.


this is a worn outfit photoshoot in collaboration with robert sarte of youngblood(remember him?) 

also, another yes - that pole written above? that's me. hahaha!



who is your go-to style inspiration?

My go-to style inspiration isn't just one person. I guess I get bits of it from actresses I look up to, people I passed by, and friends that I lalalalove! 


what would you want to tell aspiring fashionistas?

You don't have to look better than anyone, you just gotta be the best you.



and because i wanted to know her fave fave fave fooood..

if you only had one meal you could eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?




what are your clothing essentials?

My gold watch. i feel naked without it!


describe your fashion.

 I always go for what looks great and feels comfortable. Although there are times I don't mind compromising on one of those two.



told ya she's mischievous! hahahaha!



what is your fashion motto?

at the end of the day, it's not what your wear that matters but what is in your heart. Although..dressing up fabulously wouldn't hurt too. (laughs)








i love traveling. traveling is probably one of the most "mainstream" to-accomplish-very-soon thing in a girl's bucketlist. i got proof - most of my girlfriends told me that when they grow up, they want to travel the world. that includes me, of course. as tiring as it may be, (i say comfort over fashion, loves!) the worth of experience is totally priceless. so you better be on your best comfy yet fashionable look! anyway, here are just a few outfits that i wore in hk the last time, hoping that they'd give you some inspiration and motivation to get your feet moving out and about!





this classic pair of sandals is simply perfection. my feet may look a bit fatter, bigger, and mightier lol (or maybe because it already is..) but the comfort of this 2014 hottie is, i must say, intense. yes. too intense that makes me want to cry. it is that good. you guys..i will always choose comfort over fashion. or maybe we can improve history together? let's change that to comfort + fashion, shall we?




by the way, this kimono was made by my sister. you already, sissy!


click here to see my hk travel guide 







normally it's mix and match. her's match and match.



popcorn says hi.





nature was on our side - giving us natural wind effects heehee!




popcorn looks well-behaved, doesn't he? (but in reality he was otherwise! hahaha!)





forgot to mention her love for dogs! hahaha! anywayyyy..hi guys! how is summer goin' for you? perfect? great? fun? boring? nothing much? spectaculous? da best? so far so good? ask me? hahaha! well...today, kyna and i decided to do a worn outfit shoot for you guys. the heat was suffocating but we had a blast! i couldn't be more excited to edit and share them with you guys as soon as i got home. kyna feels the same way. hope we have helped you guys with some new and fresh ideas for your wardrobe! we hope you had a great time reading this post too! 


more worn outfit posts here!


| thank you, kyna |








so this is what i wore to school today. feelin' a bit just a little bit spoooortyy heehee





who said a girl cannot be both sporty and feminine at the same time?





so simple, comfy, and cool.





hiiiiiiiii guys! due to so much love for my shoes of the day, i decided to have a worn blog post about it. skechers has been a favorite shoe brand of mine since i was ten. well, that's because their shoes are one of the comfiest shoes that i have ever worn. and i couldn't be any more satisfied with my purchases. i have to say, their designs have imporoved a lot too. like, really lot. but which makes me crave for more. *sings thrift shop


see how i wore the exact same cap here

click here for more worn outfit ideas! 


| credits to my mother for helping me with the shoot. i love you. |

| credits to ralph locsin for motivating me (hahaha!) to make this worn post |





oh, hey there, gorgeous! having not blogged for six straight days made me missed you guys. *kiss* anyway, this week is our finals' week and i cannot wait to get over with this school year. it is sad because ahhhhh ammm syoorleyy goin' to miss those cray mates and professors of mine, but also happy at the same time because, who wouldn't be excited to leave all the school works behind and go swimmin' at the beach instead? weeee! anyway, here is another worn outfit post where we get our floral on floral inspiration from my sistah from anothah mothah, lauren. 


| photographer: it was me | model: lauren espino |


we had quite an awesome time taking these pictures and we hope that you would, too! 

thank you & see ya! ♥





happy 1st day of march, folks! new month, new style. summer is fast approaching and therefore, we have to start investing in crop tops again. f21's white crop tops are soo beautiful that i wanted to buy them all/just sayin'.. this outfit is both very comfy and stylish well, at least for me.. at the same time. wear it anywhere, anytime. 


| photographer: lauren espino | model: oh you, it's just me! | edit inspired by j.crew's blog |





still at the week of heavy intensity but we snucked some time away for you guys anyway. because nothing is impossible when it comes to love. *awyeah* speaking of love, have you guys watched bride for rent yet? it is amazing.  kimxi is a match made in heaven. who wouldn't fall for xian lim here? i crie/hahaha anyway.. the weather here in the philippines is getting lower and lower by the day, which is why getting all cozied up for class is a liiiighttttbuuuulb. just try not to fall asleep though.


tips: you'll never go wrong with bright florals and neutrals.


and for our boopie..

well the wind was quite stuhhhhh-rrroong!

kyna wore: top, home-made. blazer, cotton on. skirt, h&m.

i wore: top, uniqlo. cardigan, from hk. skirt, promod. sandals, from canada. 

lauren wore: top/bottom, f21. sandals, circus by sam edelman.



click here for more worn ideas!





time for another worn "photoshoot," school edition, again, i suppose. wee! it's december already but the sun is still shining its way, what has happened to our ozone layer? things are happening way too fast but fun. we are having so much hullaballoos this year and i can't believe it's already last month of the year. tho i'm pretty sure 'tis just the start of another new beginning. 


ps: last pic as our bloopieeee!


this is what we wore..Lauren wore: jacket,cotton on. top,f21. sunnies,aldo. pants,jack by bb dakota. flats,debenhams. I wore: top,f21. gray bando,uniqlo. sunnies: cotton on. shorts,uniqlo. sandals,h&m. Kyna wore: flower kimono,f21. top,home-made. sunnies,rayban. skirt,topshop. sandals,faith.




after long hours of blood, sweat, tears and toil in school..have you ever slept at midnight still thinking about what to wear for school the next day? or may be planning on your outfit ever since you got home at 4pm? for this month's we wore what series, i would be helping you guys get some ideas for your school outfits. (stoked!) anwyay, here's the first batch of outfits that we wore at school. comfort will be our first rule. without comfort, how would a student be able to study and focus well? second rule is to not show too much skin. remember, this place isn't the beach or the mall. it is a school. third rule? i guess that would be the rule about confidence. wear what you feel like wearing that day and something that you'd have confidence in. last rule is of course, to never forget to wear your smile.


ps: the last pic is our bloopie hahaha.

this is what we wore..Lauren wore: top sweater, topshop. skirt, promod. tights, marks and spencer. shoes, debenhams. I wore: black top, uniqlo. checkered vest, vintage. skirt, cotton on. sandals, george. Kyna wore: top, forever21. shorts, home-made. shoes, terra and agua.




aloha! just a small "worn" photoshoot with my girlaloos..notice that all outfits have at least one f-21 piece. who doesn't love f-21?

do you want a tutorial of the easiest yet gorgeous hair braid ever? 


it's a wrap! we had so much fun "shooting". the heat was scourching  but it was indeed one of the best days of my life.  totally worth the heat. we only had two pink gatorades as our refreshments by the way.


any "worn" outfit you'd like to share?..thanks for sharing!




as i have said earlier in my blog post, i had a collaboration with Gretchen Ho kaloka-like (AHAHAHA) and did a "worn" photoshoot. she is very friendly, bubbly, and crazy. i am truly blessed. so here is what we wore.

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what makes studying fun is your environment. your companions. guys, meet my english-mates! say hello to Apa and Juleen. i've already introduced Jam and Chloei, ryt? anyways, these people are genuine fashionistas. they are very serious about fashion and to them, that is life. (i guess?) HAHAHA! Here are some photos on what we wore in school

we decided to pose like the beatles but .....HAHAHAHAHHA! didn't look as effective as we've planned. by the way, this dude over here, (Apa) is by so far the most fashionista dude that i've ever met.

Chloei is wearing a dress!!!!!!!!! THAT, my friends, IS AN ISSUE. that is why i just had to post this pic! weee!

we had lotsa fun taking photos, not to mention that hell week's coming real soon!!!! this is our first hell week ever! i can hardly believe that it's near second sem already. without these guys, how could i have survived my first day in ADMU? my first week. my first orsem. my first terror profs. my first F. my first hell week. my first projects. my first sem? it will be a little emotional i'm sure, but also a lot of fun. 


P.S.: Merlyn took our photos. gracias, amigo!

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Hello there! It's been quite a while since I last updated my blog. was getting kinda busy these last few weeks in school. sorry! Anyway, this is what we-Kyna, Lauren and I wore at school. together we make up the Tres Marias! AHHAAH! If you want more of these "worn" please do not hesitate to comment your thoughts below and I would really appreciate it if you'd send me your outfit ideas. you can also leave your blogs if you do have one. I would surely pay a visit.

Meet Jam!
Meet Jam!
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I'm feelin' the nike love today that's why. HAHAHA!

Worn 08/13
Worn 08/13

comments and reactions? leave 'em all below! 

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SPOTTED: Lore&Pole



Hola, Chicas!! (Lore would always use the term, Chicas.) HAHAHA

This is a late post about our school outfit. It was not really awkward posing for these shots inside our campus because we found a small hidden (sorta) corner with great background. bricks! heehee! 

vintage top; HK backpack; melissa shoes
vintage top; HK backpack; melissa shoes
Vintage top; F21 shorts; aldo shoes
Vintage top; F21 shorts; aldo shoes

Gracias to Kyna for lending us her adorable umbrella!

after our "photoshoot", we got together with some high school friends. ohh how i miss high school! anyway, here's our pic. From left to right: John Kim, Kimiko, Pauline, Lauren, and Chloei. But where'd Apa go?

Where'd Apa go?
Where'd Apa go?

do not hesitate to comment your thoughts below!! ciao, Chicas!X

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Meet Kathleen! The quirky and fashown forward lady! :D

And these are what we wore to school todaaaaaay

Worn 05/13
Worn 05/13
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I am so IN love with Uniqlo..From their basic tops until their fashionable bottoms, everything is love! Guys whoever is searching for comfort+fashion+affordable casual wears, give Uniqlo a try!

Worn 06/13
Worn 06/13
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    Laur (Saturday, 07 September 2013)

    Love it Pole! More more moore! :) :*



Worn 04/13
Worn 04/13
Laureeeeeeen dear
Laureeeeeeen dear
Michael kors
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Worn 03/13 ©misspaulinevintage
Worn 03/13 ©misspaulinevintage
Worn 03/13. Dress:Vintage. Bag:HK. Shoes:Melissa.
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Worn 02/13 ©misspaulinevintage
Worn 02/13 ©misspaulinevintage
Worn 02/13. Top:Uniqlo. Pants:AEO.

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