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legal, finally: part one


hi, i'm pauline. born on Nov. 28, 1996, and i'm finally legal! just as the title says. hoorah! a few years back, i never really intended to have my own debut (a tradition of celebrating a lady's 18th birthday in the philippines) due to practicality, hasslement, and maybe a fear for wanting to spend my parent's money for my own pleasure. things eventually got complicated and then this happened..my very own debut, or rather my mini celebration, as i'd prefer to call it. i have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. bear with me, i have a lot of photos to share. from the days before: the preparation, the set up, the photoshoots...to the day that was filled with nerves, getting ready, more set up, the weather, the friends, the family, the love, God's wonderful miracles, the party. 

here are some of my pre-debut photos..


warning : this post is image heavy

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QUOTE \ 18


aaand here's to another year of glee, contentment, blessedness, laughters, challenges, tears of grief & joy, and the no-giving-up spirit (in terms of exercising, maybe?) !!! and here's one more to another creative person that wanted to share his creativity & joy to us all....the he who was inspired to inspire. 

and the he is no other than, the one and only, Justin Reyes! *insert all kinds of dancing emojis here!* Justin only used his bare hands (and some sharpees, in fact!) for this photo. you are beyond amayzin', Justin! Really also just one of the coolest!!! 

tho we may be a lil' bit 8-days artistically late, happy new year to errrbodyy! 2014 was awesome, and we are pretty sure that 2015 will even be more. 


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i just wanted to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you (i posted a new year photo on instagram - that wasn't late okay HAHAHA) you guys have been more than incredible and i can't thank God enough for each one of you. you are a blessing to my life. thank you for supporting misspaulinevintage, and i hope that you are enjoying, getting inspired, and having even just a small good laugh whenever you pass by this little free space that we may actually call home. and just a tiny little bit of a reminder that this is not only my free space of freedom but is rather ours. thanksies, loves! kisses and hugs to all my homies(you)!! i can't be more than excited for what 2015 has in store for us! praise God for another year! Cheers!!


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