hello, loves. i bring good news and great joy for everyone. hoorah! so here is the sixth one of our le salt & pepper project series and i couldn't be more grateful and excited to tell you guys that well, first, i am thankful to God for this chance of being able to dine in this awesome place. next is for the opportunity to have a mini exclusive interview with the owners of lucy in the sky. aghhhhh! i can't wait to spill. so let's get started!


ding!ding!ding! you're right. this is a vegetarian which-have-food-that-don't-even-taste-a-bit-like-vegetables restaurant. so for those of you who are not a fan of veggies, fear not. for this is the restaurant for you.



what a menu this menu. 

this menu is da bomb!

too cute for my life.

just...please, look at it.



and of course, mason jars. (love!)



as i entered the restaurant, my head started doubting if we were really in the right place. why is it so colourful and vibrant in here? the feels of home sweet home is pouring all over my heart. i couldn't contain myself from smiling wittily as i took lots of photograph due to my excitement of sharing with you guys about our latest discovery. (credits to my sissy) 


i love vintage (well, it's not too obvious..misspaulinevintage lol). anyways, the place is fantastic. it felt so much like a real home that caused me to eat like a kid at home. (hey, that rhymed!)



however, before the sharing starts, i must first receive the two thumbs up of my family members regarding the food quality. can i just say..let the sixth hunger games begin! *AHA "hunger" get it?*



this vegetarian sisig is one of the best non-meat version of sisig that i have ever had. one wouldn't be able to say that this isn't real meat. that is how good this food is.



tita maia and tito jan (the sibling owners) told us that they have never yet tasted real dinuguan before. they are vegetarians since birth..which i found totally cool and simply amazing. i was amazed with the fact that they have never even tasted real dinuguan and yet they were able to make one through the help of their friends' taste buds. what? no way! amazing, isn't it?


i can hardly believe that the patty of this burger was made from puso ng saging (heart of the banana). i especially loved the crunchy taste of the patty with every bite. the chips were also incredible.


and this lasagna, guys. this is only made from healthy vegetables yet the taste is spectacular. the taste is almost, very close to the real lasagna. taste is awesome. less meat and carbs. i'm totally going back for this lasagna!



the pasta is actually made from malunggay. coolza! this pesto pasta tasted healthy to me. however, my mom, dad and sis loved it. 


meanwhile, at the back of the colourful restaurant comes a more colourful and artistic puhhhhlace..

and guys, may i just please introduce to you our future vaseline baby hair model, maxi.

maxi is tita maia's son. isn't he adorable? 

so how did they get the idea of starting their own restaurant?

it all started with "my little art place gallery." she loves art and is teaching kids to paint, as we can all see. she said that she saw the parents of the kiddos looking for food across the street to munch on while waiting for their little artists. and then she thought to herself, my own restaurant. why not?


yup. the people behind these amazing paintings, you ask? they are kiddos ranging from 4-17 yrs old. i could hardly believe it, honestly. i was deeply mesmerised and amazed. my mom especially loved the fruit painting. just sayin'.. hahhaa.

why lucy in the sky?

"are you lucy?" my mom asked. amusingly, she's not lucy. her name is maia. tita maia told us that the reason behind their restaurant's name is because of a song (which isn't very familiar to me lol) that she thought felt very light. as a painter, they usually get that special feeling of creativity that is kind of hard to explain. 

tho if you want to know more about how that special feeling truly feels like, ask tita maia personally for a more beautiful experience! 

Lucy in the Sky

located in 222 Wilson St., Greenhills, San Juan, Philippines.

check out their facebook page here.


course we had to snap da moment. yay!

place is so flippin' cute. food is amazing. people are beyond friendly. what else could you ask for?

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