hello, loves! first, i want to update you about my current feel - sembreak. freedom. these two words literally say everything about my current situation. i am just so happy to have this taste of freedom after a hectic week full of coffee - naww i prefer tea - and sleepless nights. however, let's move on to the real topic of this post - La Creperie Moderne's opening launch - heeyups! - the best maison de crêpe in town! or well, at least for me..

giveaways are definitely very french esp. with that paris keychain (which i looove) - just like their cafe! mmhmmmm..


can you spot the famous tim yap?

 (i got excited too because he was directly in front of us! and then...embarrassing but i snapped his photo for you guys anyway hihihi)

there's some music playing and i definitely love their chandelier! here is a picture of me with my sister, tita christine and tita cheese - co-founders of La Creperie. they're actually best of friends which i told my sissy was very admirable. (i actually posted the same exact photo on my ig account in the past so ding! ding! for those who knew lol) and of course, how can we forget about our #ootn


it was really just a long lazy brunch during a long weekend (just like how tita christine said) without any pressure at all. everyone was joyfully chit-chatting and chilling at La Creperie Makati. this cafe will go to many places - in fact, it currently has 6 branches already (this is the sixth). not only does their cafe inherit good interior, not only does their food taste amazeballs, but the people behind the great crepe house are beyond kind. i cannot be more grateful to God for this opportunity of happiness and celebration to share with others.



| congratulations to La Creperie Moderne! their 6th branch, which is in makati, is now open! be sure to drop by! |


...and can i just say?

i love their mini crepes and think that they should be included on the menu!x




blueberry smoothie


hey beautifuls! i apologize for my lack of interaction in our small space for quite a while now due to my busy and hectic school schedule (it's currently our finals week..sembreak's coming up soon after though! finally. *insert funny weird face here*) heads up tho! i have already started brainstorming for you guys and i promise to use this space more often starting this october. meanwhile, here is one of my favorite home-made healthy drink which is really easy and fast (just minutes!) to make. this may seem too "mainstream"- which is why i doubted on sharing at first - however, i really wanted to share my style of this healthy blueberry smoothie to you guys. hope ya like it! so without further ado, let's get started!



you will be needing :


yoghurt (optional but remember, this adds to the "healthy")

milk (this is a must!)



wafer/stick-o (optional)



hacienda macalawan is freshly made from laguna, philippines. so for us filipinos, this brand is one fresh brand. they taste so gooood and so creamy!



of course ya want it creamy! who doesn't?



shake it off! shake it off! *sing with taylor swift voice*




didn't want to choose between my dilemma so i decided to try them both!



aaand you're done! your very own 3-minute healthy (except the wafers lol) smoothie for your happy-but-now-stoked tummy! 


ps: make your family/friends one simply just to express love 

more drinks here!