we all have the fatty food cravings that we can't resist every Christmas, i know. but hey, it's Christmas...you deserve it! however this is why i decided to share with you guys my family's healthy green juice recipe to help lessen the guilt or perhaps, detoxify maybe? hahahaha! you may actually drink this everyday even though it's not Christmas as it is highly recommended to be so and has already been proven to be a very healthy drink. it's really tasty too!


we use hurom juicer. but 'course you are allowed to use any other brand of juicer! :)

we actually use these scraps as fertiliser for my brother's garden. it's really easy to do - you just mix the green scraps with the soil and voila! now who says gardening is hard?


and here it is! your very own healthy green juice. (you should be proud of yourself, darling! cause i was pretty proud of myself after doing AND drinking this juice hahahaha!) oh i'd love to hear from your own green juicing experience! tweet or mail or any kind of share (hahahahah!) me pics if you do and let's start using the #misspaulinevintage weee!


i think that giving this to your mom or dad or actually anyone as an encouraging/energizer gift or just simply a drink of love and health is a great idea! i used the chalk marker for writing because using the real chalks would make it messy. chalk marker is more expensive but the convenience it will give is beyond satisfaction.


it was really oh so tastylicious! yummmmm.

ps: tweet me using the #misspaulinevintage *wink!wink!*




quote \ 17


hoooray!! praise God for another quote submission from one of our lovely vintage friends, Cherimae Laroco!!  Christmas isn't all about the material things but is actually about the immaterial things. thank you, Cherimae, for reminding us all about this important reminder. you are an inspiration to us all. and can i just say? i love how you designed your quote poster. it's so simple yet so flippin' cute! why it's just so my style. keep it up, gurl!X


Merry Christmas, loves! and Happy Birthday, Jesus!


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pink christmas


Christmas is just around the corner and i cannot wait any longer (!!!AGHHH!!!) i really can't. really, really can't. how i wish that this fave season of mine (or ours because everyone loves Christmas! even the grinch loved Christmas in the end hahaha!) and just a small reminder for everyone to just enjoy and make the most out of what you have everyday. be a happy person, because you choose to be one. share the love to the people around you. make your loved ones - even the unlovable because they may actually need it the most - smile. after all, that's what matters most.



to the best sister in the world, thanks again for the best laptop case ever!! i can't love it less! but i love you more, of course! 


ho ho ho! please accept my bubbly santa chocolates (there are chocolates inside)


i wish you the Merriest Christmas with tender loin, i mean tender love and care! *virtual huuuug!*





6 days left before Christmas..are you kidding me?! well, that happened way too fast. i love Christmas. like love love. i mean, who doesn't, right? i've been downloading quite a lot of Christmas songs lately because, why not? after all, it is Christmas season! yay! i would love to share with you guys my fave festive songs soon. but for now, let us enjoy the 2014 Christmas gift guide for teens first.


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WORN: casual COOL

HAHAHAHAHHA! i am so embarrassed right now by this...this post with me so huge and big! yet i find it kind of cool too, honestly. this was actually just a photoshoot-for-fun thing that eventually went out beyond privacy now...because i wanted to show you guys how i wear my casual cool outfit. scroll down to see more of my big face and body outfeeeeyt!

i guess i'm more of the casual cool kind of girl and not like the daring ones when it comes to fashion. my 5ever fave fashion will always be white top + maong pants. because, just because, you'd never ever go wrong with that. 

what is your 5ever fave fashion style? let me know in the comments below!x


i went with the red stripes polo top and tied it around my waist for first, a pop of color in a long distance perspective, second, it may get a little handy when it comes to our fluctuating weather, and last but not the least, white red and blue.......white. red. & blue.



i love how the brown oxford flats gave the overall look a vintage feel (i love vintage yes #1ptforme). this outfit is actually one of my faves! it's both very comfy (not even kidding!) and fashionable at the same time. i decided to top it off with a fedora hat for a more finished vintage casual cool look. keep in mind that hats protect our face from those sunshine freckles! so better top off your outfit with one now!


hat, f21. pants, zara. red polo, f21. flats, payless.


ps: happy 1st day of december!🎉