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our quote series is back! hoorah! thanks to our good friend, robsarte, for sharing another creative "quote" poster to us. you're totally killing it. keep it up, man!

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What she wore


Christia Polinag sure is making our rainy days sunny. we had a wonderful time together and i must say that this woman is a natural! she is beautiful inside and out, shining in her own little ways that inspires people like me. tho i must agree that she is mischievous, but also has the word "limit" in her dictionary. i love this, gal. Just by looking at her beautiful smile makes you want to smile too, isn't it? This sistahfromanothahmothah, yes, another one! , is one of the best person that i have ever met. and i am really grateful.


this is a worn outfit photoshoot in collaboration with robert sarte of youngblood(remember him?) 

also, another yes - that pole written above? that's me. hahaha!



who is your go-to style inspiration?

My go-to style inspiration isn't just one person. I guess I get bits of it from actresses I look up to, people I passed by, and friends that I lalalalove! 


what would you want to tell aspiring fashionistas?

You don't have to look better than anyone, you just gotta be the best you.



and because i wanted to know her fave fave fave fooood..

if you only had one meal you could eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?




what are your clothing essentials?

My gold watch. i feel naked without it!


describe your fashion.

 I always go for what looks great and feels comfortable. Although there are times I don't mind compromising on one of those two.



told ya she's mischievous! hahahaha!



what is your fashion motto?

at the end of the day, it's not what your wear that matters but what is in your heart. Although..dressing up fabulously wouldn't hurt too. (laughs)