as an intern for Elevation Partners, a food and beverage marketing / advertising agency, i have learned quite a lot of things that are new to me. things that are "easier said than done" those kinds. people have always thought that interning is rough, tough, and very scary. not for me, fortunately. i did enjoy my internship and learned a tad bit more about the value of reality (by this i'm referring to moolahh moolah moolah - that's money, btw! HAHAHA!). and all i can say is, experience truly is the best teacher!

if you have been following me on instagram and snapchat: paulineang (add me up, love!) then you might already know what i was busy with the past few weeks. and yes, it's all about this post! lol i was on my internship! forgive me for my long invisibility here in our space.

disclaimer: ^here are some of the skills and values that i have learned in a nutshell. pictures might not be of good quality because they are all taken using my iphone throughout my internship days.

1. work is fun

i've never thought of being part of an advertising agency (which, to be honest, i've never really known about until now). what i had in mind was only "a work that is not boring and is my passion." and now here i am, finding a complete package of what was only in mind before. one major learning from my EP internship is that work can both be fun and passionately done. love what you do because this world will not be siding with you all the time. thence, getting to our next value learning : attitude.


2. attitude matters most

a workmate, kat, told me before that what matters most is our attitude. it actually matters more than skills! everything will not be given as you like it to be, but as long as you have the right attitude, you'll survive. love what is given to you. put all your heart and passion into it and then you'll know, what it feels like working in EP. HAHAHA i was serious about that though. but back to my main point - put all your heart and passion into it and then you'll know what real success feels like.



3. discipline starts now

we are all crammers at one time or another here. (admit it! admit it!) if yes, then you are somewhat qualified for the list of irresponsible people of time management. in the real world, though, you will be embarrassed to submit late projects, to not be on time, to stay idle, or in short to not do a good job. working, or even interning for us (our internship was like working already - that's how it is in EP), is far from studying at all. i've learned that we all have our freedom in managing our time, but the bottom line is that one must be able to do a job well done.



4. new experiences await you

i have never tried uber before nor have i ever tried having a legit photoshoot for a known brand. i never knew that a photoshoot could be so tiring yet fulfilling. i never knew that one simple advertisement poster required a lot of brain, time, and effort all-in-one. (like legit so let us please learn how to appreciate every single ads starting now HAHAHA) i never knew that bingsu - the korean shaved ice dessert - can be that good! i never knew how good free food from the company during overtime with your workmates feels like. i never knew that i was not the only one with this kind of passion (i thought it was just me before). i would've never realized and experienced firsthand a lot of things if it weren't for my internship. after all, something is better than nothing.


5. more connections, yes?

connection is one of the main key to survival in life. and when you intern, you gain new experiences and more connections. so that's a plus sign aarrreadeyyy! (that sounded like "are you readeyy?" HAHA)

i'll definitely miss all the selfies and mirror ootds (with the same posing every time lol)


6. teamwork

aside from all the skills that i did learn, most of my "MVLs," aka. most valuable learnings (AHA👅), were the moral values and work ethics. everybody had their own uniqueness and specialty, and team work continues to make the company running. i've learned about giving your best shot for something you are passionate about here. i've learned about loving each other, no matter what kind of personality they may have. this team was extremely welcoming to any new members regardless of age, race, or talent. they were the most open-minded, creative, humble and humorous people who make money for doing what they love that i've ever met. i couldn't be any more grateful to God for this amazing experience that i will bring with me forever. each member of this team had his/her own differences, but it's definitely the love and passion for creativity that keeps everybody the same. 


🍻cheers to Elevation Partners!

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