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today is gonna be so good.

holaa! hello, loves! how have you guys been so far? i've been working on some projects both for the blog and for my life (that i'll be sharing to you soon & i can't wait!) so here is just one quote that i created last night (yes, just last night HAHAHA) to inspire you guys for the long week ahead of us. a lot of things have been happening to me. one of my brother's close friend just passed away and perhaps that's just one reminder that life is too short not to enjoy and give back. i'm sure that he is in better hands now, tho. he was a nice guy. 


the heat is scorching and every time i finish taking my bath, i sweat. every day, i sweat. sweating to the point that i always complain about the heat. unless i'm inside an air-conitioned room - which i have been in the past few days - then i complain about the cold. HAHAHA! maybe this is part of human nature? or is it just me never being contented as usual?


maybe we should just make the most out of what we have. and at this point for me, it's the heat. because. guys. it is already suuuummmmahhhhhhhh! how good can the sweat go, right?

can't wait to be back at the home! a.k.a. the beach!

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