as soon as i heard that we were going to the farm, i was stoked. stoked not only because we were going to one of the places where i belong (if you've been following me you'd know that i'm more of a rural girl rather than the urban. i love beaches and farms too much!), but also for the fact that i can finally use my red stripes jumper w/o any embarrassment in mind. i don't know for you, but the thought of jumpers - aside from denims, of course! denims are 5ever baes - related with babies got stuck in my fashion mentality for a while as a consequence of my dad's opinion. he told me "you look like a baby with that" (in chinese tho HAHAHA!) the first time i tried this on. nevertheless, after months of not giving any attention to this wardrobe staple, i finally got the chance and took the courage to wear it. thence, this one deserves a worn segment, i said.



and what better shoes than converse when going on an adventure, right? 

i know i've been wearing this cap and sunglasses way too often already. but that's just because they are love to me! i don't know they just seem to...connect with me every single time? hahaha! and who said you can't repeat an accessory or even an outfit again and again and again? (werk it, gurl!)



too much fun and happiness with this 28-yr-old junk food errrr...horse! (his name is tomi. tomi = fave childhood junk food, remember that?)





i was in doubt of wearing this outfit at first. but it turned out quite well! people told me how nice my outfit was and how good i carried it. nevertheless, what matters most is that i felt comfortable and confident in it. and perhaps that is how we should wear our clothes. so do you still have that one piece inside your closet that you never used? hmmm...maybe it's time to let the sun shine on it!


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    Nothing To Declare (Thursday, 16 April 2015 13:29)

    Adorable look <3