valentine's mints: we're mint to be, benzai



5. fave hang-out place


B : Bel waiting shed

Z : *what ben said*





6. date & place of first date?


B : first date was supposedly pancake house but zaila saw her friends and got shy so we went out. official first date was at TOSH, january 21, 2014. 


Z : *what ben said*





7. who shops more?


B : maybe me. HAHAHAHA


Z : i think the answer to this is obvious. i'm the one waiting for him to come out of the dressing room...instead of the other way around.





8. share a benzai moment with us!


B : we were searching for this milk tea in a bottle that i was craving for months and then we found out it was in 7/11. it was around 11:30 that time and we were walking around campus. we told the guard to keep the gate open. we ran to 7/11 and bought an even better milk tea in a bottle. zaila was so tired but gates closed at 12 so i carried zaila and ran thru the foot bridge and made it just in time. (pheww!)


Z : so many to choose from!!! but...*what ben said*




9. what's this jar?


B : when zaila asked me what i wanted for christmas, i said "anything." then she told me, "okay lang ba ang pagmamahal?" i said sure then she gave me the jar.


Z : since love is something that's not tangible, i tried to make it tangible!! every note in this jar starts with "because..*a reason why i love him*" he told me he just read one note and it made him cry. HAHAHA he's not gonna read the notes until we get a little bit older.





10. opposite attracts. yes or no?


B : yes.


Z : yes?



11. ben, what made you fall in love with zai?

B : i honestly don't know. she's the opposite of all the things i want in a girl but hey, i'm still in love.

12. aaand you? other half?

Z : i really don't know the answer to this question. i just did and i do, everyday.



13. best thing about falling in love


B : being aware that someone aside from family loves you.


Z : you know that there's someone waiting for you to wake up in the morning. plus it's nice to go home to someone after a long and stressful day.



14. any love advice?

B : if it's true love, even w/ the greatest adversities and the most stupid decisions, there's a desperate need to stay together and there's an action to that desperation.

Z : if you truly love each other, giving up on each other is not an option. love is never easy but it is enough to keep going. ben told me recently, "[even tho] the world conspires to having us together, we should never leave each other."

happy valentine's day, loves! Xx


| thank you, benzai, for making this valentine's day special series possible |

| thank you, belrica ma, for making this series possible. you're awesome! |


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