just as i've said in my post here - please forgive me for taking what seems like forever to share the part two of my debut diary. i've been wanting to share this i promise but my sched just wouldn't cooperate with me. however, but, nonetheless, even so, though, still, nevertheless...did i mention that this post is sponsored by HAHAHAHAHA! - so anwaysss...finally. what took like 5ever for me to finish and share...let me introduce to you guys...the part two of my debut diary! yay!!!! *cue the trumpets pls*


oh yes i do remember this moment. this was the moment of my great bleakness (at first tho! keep on reading to know what happened). the moment when everyone was suddenly quiet because of the rain. the moment when i was smiling and laughing on the outside, but was crying really hard on the inside. 

i was getting my hair and makeup done when the joyous loud music suddenly stopped. the rain started pouring hard. really, really, hard. they said there was a big typhoon coming that night. and my thoughts were only...really, rain? really? now? 



"your only enemy in a garden party is the weather," they always told me. i was confident that it wouldn't rain despite the rainy season. nonetheless, i got a transparent tent which i really appreciated and loved. "just to be sure," everyone agreed on. all 3 months of preparing, i've always told everyone that my God wouldn't allow my party to be ruined by the rain. He would stop the rain for me. i'm sure of that. but not until this very moment that i struggled with my faith. i prayed every day, afternoon, night, and almost every time for the weather. i asked God to show others that He was real by stopping the rain on my night. but why was this happening? why was He making it hard for me? why was it raining? even worse, why was there a typhoon?


nothing was going according to plan. my birthday party is going to be a disaster, i thought. i kept on praying - just praying. asking God why. and then i remembered Job of the Bible. (Job was the guy who God allowed satan to take everything away from - all in a few hours. yet Job praised God and said, "the Lord hath given, the Lord hath taken, blessed be the name of the Lord.") i felt like i was him, literally! my faith was definitely shaking. it was a tough one, i must confess. but God helped me overcome. this was the moment of my test, i told myself.



and i prayed and prayed and prayed again. but now in a different perspective. i praised God for the rain. i told everyone that it's gonna be okay because instead of a sunny garden party, we're gonna have a rain party!! wouldn't that be fun? i told God that i trusted Him and to help me keep on trusting Him. i thanked Him for my true friends. they texted me - each one of them all at the same time (because the rain was really hard now). one told me it's your shower of blessings from God. another one said, hey! we're gonna have lots of fun in your rain party! woohoo! another one said it's going to be okay. God's got'cha! and more, and more. and more. how could i be so blind to think that this was a curse? 




 the rain wasn't a curse. it was, indeed, a blessing from God! God didn't leave me alone. He just made my party even better, if not the best. if i was crying inside because of great sadness earlier, right now, i was crying because of great joy. great peace. grateful to the God who's never left my side. and then He answered my prayer - He revealed Himself to us all - the typhoon stopped. yes, guys, it did. and the most miraculous part was? the soil wasn't wet. and how in the world was that even possible? even the workers from the events place got shocked and were in deep awe. 



the music started coming back again. i started hearing the chitchats and laughters from my family. and i'm telling ya, that's one of the most comforting sounds you'd ever hear. there was even a rainbow, nic told me. a night rainbow? keeewl. God gave me free fireworks too! they thought i planned the fireworks because it was straight our place. everyone was enjoying. and i was happy. but not the kind of happy that i would've had if it weren't for God's shower of blessings. this was indeed the best birthday evaaahhh!!!!


and my thoughts were like..


God...why! why'd You have to be so cool? what did i ever do to deserve Your love? 




thank You, God.

and so the night begins!! but hasn't it already begun hours ago?


kimiko, nichole, and sharie - cheers to the most beautiful and talented (beauty + brains) emcees that i could ever ask for! *cling!*



everything didn't go as planned, yes that's true. but God made them all even better. and the best part was i didn't even have to pay a cent for it! it was priceless. the night was full of love. everything and everyone was beautiful. what more can i ever ask for?





on my way to change for the second half of daa partaaayyyy!! stay tuned for part three, loves!! this time, it won't take too long.

click here to see debut diary: part 1.




this birthday celebration wouldn't have been possible without you guys! special thanks to:


pre-debut venue: sierra madre / pre-debut stylist: lifestyle by feliz / photographer: Teki Diaz / pre-debut make-up artist: Jean Tan / pre-debut hair artist: Kim Santos / venue: clearwater house / hmua: Shayne Salgado / gown: Joji Aguilar / event stylist and catering: passion cooks / event organizer: aunt Marites & co. / invite printing: print divas / Cake: Tourist cakeshop / mason jars: my splendid specialtites / bus transportation: fmr / overnight accommodation: bali village hotel resort & spa / helium led balloons: led balloons / transparent tents: tentworld / the best emcees: Sharie See, Kimiko Sy, & Nichole Chua / ivy piedad for recommending / our God / my family - dad, mom, sis, and bro (special mention to the best mom ever!) / to everyone who came / my la familia (as i'd like to call my friends) / i love you all.


i wanna dedicate this post to God, who has always been there and who will always be, i know. i hope that my story was able to touch your heart and made you smile even just for a while.


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