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aaand here's to another year of glee, contentment, blessedness, laughters, challenges, tears of grief & joy, and the no-giving-up spirit (in terms of exercising, maybe?) !!! and here's one more to another creative person that wanted to share his creativity & joy to us all....the he who was inspired to inspire. 

and the he is no other than, the one and only, Justin Reyes! *insert all kinds of dancing emojis here!* Justin only used his bare hands (and some sharpees, in fact!) for this photo. you are beyond amayzin', Justin! Really also just one of the coolest!!! 

tho we may be a lil' bit 8-days artistically late, happy new year to errrbodyy! 2014 was awesome, and we are pretty sure that 2015 will even be more. 


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| thank you, Justin, for making this series possible |

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