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hoooray!! praise God for another quote submission from one of our lovely vintage friends, Cherimae Laroco!!  Christmas isn't all about the material things but is actually about the immaterial things. thank you, Cherimae, for reminding us all about this important reminder. you are an inspiration to us all. and can i just say? i love how you designed your quote poster. it's so simple yet so flippin' cute! why it's just so my style. keep it up, gurl!X


Merry Christmas, loves! and Happy Birthday, Jesus!


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| thank you, Mae,, for making this series possible |

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    Cath (Sunday, 28 December 2014 08:03)

    Simple yet elegant. Pano yan gianawa?

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    misspaulinevintage (Sunday, 11 January 2015 02:11)

    Hi Cath! I'm not so sure on how Cherimae made this. I'm guessing on photoshop tho. :)