pink christmas


Christmas is just around the corner and i cannot wait any longer (!!!AGHHH!!!) i really can't. really, really can't. how i wish that this fave season of mine (or ours because everyone loves Christmas! even the grinch loved Christmas in the end hahaha!) and just a small reminder for everyone to just enjoy and make the most out of what you have everyday. be a happy person, because you choose to be one. share the love to the people around you. make your loved ones - even the unlovable because they may actually need it the most - smile. after all, that's what matters most.



to the best sister in the world, thanks again for the best laptop case ever!! i can't love it less! but i love you more, of course! 


ho ho ho! please accept my bubbly santa chocolates (there are chocolates inside)


i wish you the Merriest Christmas with tender loin, i mean tender love and care! *virtual huuuug!*


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    Grace (Tuesday, 23 December 2014 09:25)

    Hi Miss Pauline! I love this worn post! A Merry Pink Christmas indeed! :)

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    emma stone (Tuesday, 23 December 2014 10:18)

    abnoy ka ba HAHHAHAHA love what ur wearing though

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    Jamie (Wednesday, 24 December 2014 00:52)

    So kawaii!!

    ♡, Jamie of <a href="http://www.spotlightonjamie.com/">www.spotlightonjamie.com</a>

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    Bel-o jell-o! (Wednesday, 24 December 2014 08:22)

    lavet paww as in of the dooogg!! <3 :))) kidding!! Sobrang worth ng night to!! Lab you!! #bigfanhere