i love traveling. traveling is probably one of the most "mainstream" to-accomplish-very-soon thing in a girl's bucketlist. i got proof - most of my girlfriends told me that when they grow up, they want to travel the world. that includes me, of course. as tiring as it may be, (i say comfort over fashion, loves!) the worth of experience is totally priceless. so you better be on your best comfy yet fashionable look! anyway, here are just a few outfits that i wore in hk the last time, hoping that they'd give you some inspiration and motivation to get your feet moving out and about!





this classic pair of sandals is simply perfection. my feet may look a bit fatter, bigger, and mightier lol (or maybe because it already is..) but the comfort of this 2014 hottie is, i must say, intense. yes. too intense that makes me want to cry. it is that good. you guys..i will always choose comfort over fashion. or maybe we can improve history together? let's change that to comfort + fashion, shall we?




by the way, this kimono was made by my sister. you already, sissy!


click here to see my hk travel guide 



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    alice (Monday, 07 July 2014 10:15)

    Looks amazing!

    My new outfit is online, what do u think about?
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  • #2

    misty (Tuesday, 08 July 2014 05:17)

    i love your outfits! it looks so comfortable and fashionable at the same time! more power!

  • #3

    DON (Tuesday, 08 July 2014 10:05)

    what misty said!! more electricity!!

  • #4

    misspaulinevintage (Sunday, 13 July 2014 07:10)

    Hi alice, misty, and don! thank you, loves!!x

  • #5

    alfred sy (Saturday, 19 July 2014 05:36)

    nice feet huh hhahahhha

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    Bor (Saturday, 19 July 2014 05:39)


  • #7

    Ella (Saturday, 19 July 2014 09:44)

    You're so cool!! :))

  • #8

    Your Mermaid Friend (Sunday, 03 August 2014 04:55)

    Lalalaloveeee the last outfit! And awesome one-shoulder-exposed pic!!!