Hong Kong is my second home. and i just can't get enough of this bright city! my top 5 favourite things about hk you ask? here they are!



1. PLACE : HK itself

Being used to riding vehicles and sitting all day long here in the Philippines (have i mentioned that i came from the Philippines? (: ), I’m loving the part where we have to walk all the time in HK. Walking makes me feel adventurous. just the thought of burning some soon-to-be-abs flabs unconsciously makes me want to walk and live more in this small but pretty amazing country. ohhh so much love for when in Hong Kong!




Sooooo…are we talking about food in HK right now? cause i’m craving to death already! HK is by far my most favourite restaurant in the world. wherever i go, food is available. and food is tasty. dim sums, seafood, noodles, actually almost everything i am in love with! except Chinese exotic food like snakes and those sorts..you know what i mean.  I just..I just…you guys seriously have to try all of their food! as ironic as it may be, i can hardly understand chinese writings from the menu even though i am chinese. haha :( so usually i just order the usual - dim sums. Hakaw, siomai, chicken feet, who wouldn’t understand those words when in Hong Kong?




Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! please make me stop! Shoppiiiiiiiiiiiing! i’m afraid i just can’t stop shopping! what’s the case here, anyway? remember the famous line “shop till’ you drop”? Well, that’s basically the thing here. HK is the place where that line literally happens to you. I’m not even exaggerating, because from what i can remember, my legs and feet barely moves at all after a full long day of shopping in this country. yes, it’s true. so please don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes when in Hong Kong!



4. MTR

“please stand by from the door..tootootootootoot..” ohh those toots are giving me a whole week of lss (last song syndrome). travel from tung chung to hung hom, which are basically on opposite ends, and you find yourself exactly there before you know it! (or is this just me..because of my trauma from the frequent traffic jams here in the Philippines?) Another thing, MTR is way cheaper than taking the cab. tho i have to say, HK cabs are one of the best! or.. maybe at least for me. ..and you? and them? and us? and all of the people when in Hong Kong?



everyone was on their phones..what do i do! snap da moment! teehee!




Yes, please. First thing we do when we arrive? Stop by Parknshop, wellcome, taste, or any grocery that we’d pass by first. Last thing we do before leaving the city of lights? Ding! Ding! Ding! You guessed it! Their groceries are very much similar to walmart, target, costco and those sorts. And i gotta tell you, i’m a big big fan of those kinds of store. i mean, who can even get enough of them? cause i sure can’t! So be sure to drop by their groceries when in Hong Kong! …am i making this sound like the movie, “when in rome” too much? hahaha!


ps: i usually do last-minute shopping in their groceries for pasalubongs!



because i'm a big sucker for milk yummmm!



this milk is da bomb! a must-try!



till' next time, Hong Kong!


pps: happy independence day to evuhhhryyyyboddyyyy! mabuhay!


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  • #1

    andy (Thursday, 12 June 2014 12:16)

    great pics :)

  • #2

    misspaulinevintage (Saturday, 21 June 2014 09:06)

    hi, andy! thank you!X

  • #3

    julie (Saturday, 21 June 2014 11:58)

    can u make a "when in manila" plsplspls ohh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  • #4

    misspaulinevintage (Sunday, 22 June 2014 05:49)

    hi, julie! i will, love! for you *wink!wink!* so stay tuned!X