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everyone has their own secrets that are revealed in just a blink. just as the secret behind my quote segment..that i am about to divulge to you guys right now. it all started with a song..i was a little girl..so afraid..so petrified loljk hahaha! anywayyy..the first time i learned the basic of photoshop (thanks to my brothahh) i fell in love with it. ohhh the feels of wanting to learn and know more about it, yet with wavering decisions if i should publish and share them with you guys in fear of future misfortunes. but praise God, i decided to pursue and go for it! and i don't regret it at all! there was this one time when i found my design on a friend's twitter coverpage, i totally freaked out..and then found myself crying tears of joy. getting recognized after all the hardwork you've been through feels *insert all amazing adjectives here*. thank You, Lord and so i thought to myself..how wonderful it would be if i could help other aspiring designers share their creativity and love of art through my own little ways. do-it-yourself, and then leave to me the publishing part. *wink wink* i got your back, mate!





aaand here are the first two submissions that i have received from the one and only, lauren espino. beautiful work, love! 


done with creating your own design but don't know how to share it? fear not. for your design is just a few clicks away from its publication now. twitter? instagram? email? facebook? any network, you name it. so i say, go for it! you amazing designer, you!


and for those who haven't started making their own designs yet, my my, why don't you give it a try! did that just rhyme?


 want to share your creativity with the world? send it to paw_ang@yahoo.com now!


 thank you, lore, for making this project possible |



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    Bor (Monday, 26 May 2014 10:12)

    Galing talaga nung Lore. Grabe. Hands down!

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    BRO (Wednesday, 28 May 2014 10:25)


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    ORB (Thursday, 29 May 2014 07:18)