my brother has been into gardenings and plantings these past few days. (we're actually planning on sharing with you guys his little farmville outside our house in the near future..so stay tuned!) i realized that he has the green powers and is a real natural.. that is why i decided to have my own plant as well. (what if i also inherited the green powers, right?) and then i found this present that Kyna gave me  for my birthday last year. it sure is a coincidence, isn't it? anyway, what's been bothering my mind right now is that.. i can't wait to eat all the five organic watermelons planted by the one and only me! i bet this would taste 10x better than the bought ones!





so flippin' cute!





here comes the coolest soil ever! where you just have to mix lukewarm water with that circular brownish thing (which we call the soil) and then voila! organic poop slash soil hahaha is complete!





it's time to plant those seeds in now (this gives me the idea of planting some bombs lol)





wrap with the germinating plastic bag and you're finished! yay!





..well, not really super finished yet because you still have to wait patiently for those seeds to sprout, you see. don't forget that it has to be moistened every day, as the instruction says. and nevertheless, talk to your future food. this may sound really dumb, but my mom told me about the help we can give to its molecules and those chem stuff become happier. (scientifically proven)



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    Providing crop nutrients indirectly using relatively insoluble nutrient sources which are made available to the plant by the action of soil micro-organisms is very important.
    Nice attempt. Really appreciable :-)