you will be needing :



are you readyyyyy to have some fun?



let's get started!



1. paint the bottle using a spray paint (so much easier and fun)




2. spray some glue on it, gurl! (you can also use mod podge if you want)




3. now put 'em shimmering shining splendidadoo glitters



and voila! you are done



what time is it? sum-mer time! finally. summer. though we have summer school for this year.. still. three weeks of summer vacation sure is good enough for a freshman like me. but what excites me most right now is this diy that you have just read or seen or scanned or memorized lol i couldn't be more excited to share this post with you guys. because i, myself, was extremely stunned by this vase that i made. i'm actually pretty proud of myself hahaha couldn't be any more happy and satisfied. after a while of thinking and blinking, i decided to tell you guys about how your satisfaction is guaranteed with this simple and easy diy. that is why if you don't have anything yet to do this summer, ohh yes you know what to do now!


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    Borka Gamero (Sunday, 30 March 2014 22:02)

    Beautiful! wishing you a great start of the week…
    Kisses from Miami,