because it's Christmas and we needed a home-made Christmas decor for our paired Green Christmas project, chloei and i decided to make a Christmas parol..out of recycled things. well, except for the foil.



....and tape.

first, put holes on both ends of the bottles. place the steel wires inside. the next step is optional, you can have a wood or none at all, putting two sepatated wires on two horizontal ends of the bottle (one near the bottle cap side and one near the butt side) drill them then into the wood (ask someone to do this for you as it is quite tough to do it on your own)

after making some wires shaped like a hanger, you then construct a board. you can make a rectangle-shaped board like what we did over there, a star (a normal parol has a star in the middle) or any shape that you want. a star looks really cute though. we had to make it rectangle due to our project's scoring issue-it has to be unique. decorate the board by pasting print-out quotes and you can even cut letters out from a magazine for a more recycled project (ours was from my chemistry papers last sem). paste whatever quote/image you want. be creative. 

if you decided to have a wood, wrap it up with foil of any color that lightens you up- to cover the wood or you can also not wrap the wood for a "woody" aura.

and voila! your own home-made recycled Christmas parol that no one in the world can ever have. hihihihi.

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