today, we attended the lion king movement at Grace Christian College (my high school) with ma'am Virginia as our mentor. ma'am Andrea is the assistant mentor. praise the Lord for this opportunity for us to gather again. i am really beyond blessed. what's more? Lu and Nic attended LKM for the first time. with Bel but this isn't her first time tho. Lion King Movement is a small (yet) group that discusses about our heavenly Father. it's basically a Bible study group. and every time i attend the LKM, i feel the peace. peace in God. so here's a short story of my own answered prayer..


p.s. everyone is welcome to attend. don't hesitate to message me. (i don't bite) 

ma'am Virginia was sharing about her answered prayers and real-life experiences while we-Bel, Nic and I..we didn't want to interrupt her but we were actually very worried about our kidneys. they were about to explode in no time. we just HAD to use the bathroom already. at that moment (as ma'am Virginia taught us to pray specifically inside your heart if you can't say it out verbally) i tried her teaching. i prayed inside my heart, asked the Lord to give us a kidney-saver and let that person knock at the door. when suddenly i heard the door outside our small room open. there was a kid looking at the other room across our LKM room, and then he suddenly peeked over our room. i was still talking to our heavenly Father at that moment. praying for that lil' guy to be "the one". it was very funny and impossible to me not until he knocked. at that instant, my eyes, heart and smile glowed warmly. i looked up and thought like the picture below. it was indeed, an answered prayer.

i knew from that moment that i had to share this experience with you guys. i have peace in God. and you can have to. ask, and it shall be given. pretend that you have received it and it shall be yours. have faith in Him. our Father is good. and He loves us so much. appreciation over expectation. sweetest dreams!X


what challenges or experiences are you going through right now? wanna share them?...thank you for sharing!


footnote: this story was also shared at Bel's. great blog! check it out.

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