we went to Enchanted Kingdom today and it was awe....wait for it....some. (yup. i just watched how i met your mother and that show is highly contagious.) we rode almost all the rides, well except for the kiddie rides..i highly recommend space shuttle. that is the best ride so far. then the Ekstreme. one of my faves as well. it reminds me of that wonderful feeling after i rode the tower of terror 1 & 2 in the states-which is my fave ride from all the amusement parks i've been to.

what to wear in an amusement park? no biggie. just choose something where you feel really comfortable and there you have it. don't forget to wear sneakers or flat sandals, you don't want to miss out all the fun due to your aching heels, don't you?

Kyna calls me Pole, that's the second reason why i wrote northpole in this picture. the main reason is basically because the place looks like northpole. especially with those fake snow. Kyna, A.K.A. Pineapple, as i call her, is hanging on the southpole (HAHAHAHAHA it's not super corny, guys!) which is not seen in the picture.........who took this pic again? and have you met Nichole? (HIMYM a-gain!) Nic is our mighty volleyball varsity team captain. she is amazeballs, guys. notice our white & black caps and nails. and how magazine-models-savvy do we look like in this picture?

i love the blue floor so much. and it is so biiiig. huhu i cry./maybe i should just make my future bedroom painted pure blue all around.

morning in an amusement park is pretty. but when nighttime comes, it becomes beautiful. the lights are so bright and purdyy that they shine. shining, shimmering, splendid. aha!

i can hardly believe that our sunday is almost over. but we will surely have more adventures in the future. these guys are crazy fun. they have stayed with me in my roller coaster rides of not only today but since high school. i can't thank them enough. praise the Lord for these little monkeys. 

one last thing. when you are scared of the rides, don't be. God is with you. He is in control. We were walking down the streets of the park when suddenly my good sis, Pineapple, told me this-"He's smiling at us now, Pole." i cannot remove this saying from my mind for it has  already sunked deeply in my heart already. that saying is simply....striking. so i'd like to share with everyone my experience and Kyna's reminder. God is our Father. and He loves us so dearly. after you have made a difference to a person's life, whether it may be small or big, you'd be thinking about this saying. and i know that right now our Father is watching over us, smiling.

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    Caitlin (Wednesday, 16 October 2013 05:03)

    I also love the space shuttle ride!!

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    Bel (Thursday, 17 October 2013 05:48)

    love it paw! ;)

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    kc (Friday, 18 October 2013 03:52)

    you are a natural!!!! more power to you! :)

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    Gretchen Ho (Friday, 18 October 2013 07:36)


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    Aubry (Saturday, 19 October 2013 11:18)

    God's magic is working!